Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Things You Should Do Before Going To Paradise

By paradise, I mean Drake's Club Paradise Tour!  So I'm doing this post not because I love Drake (even though I do and it's not like I'd turn down a hug or two from him either), but because he throws concerts that I would recommend as a "must have experience."  As with any must have experience, it won't be all it can be unless it's done right!  Check out five things to do before going to see Drake (or any other artist you love) in concert!

1. Get good seats.

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead! If you hear that Drake is going on tour plan to listen out for the release of tour dates and locations.  If he's coming some place close by or some place you're willing to travel to then be sure to listen out for ticket pre-sales and sales.  Make sure your money is right so that when ticket sales open, you're armed and ready to snag the best seats!  Make sure your computer/phone is charged, updated, and ready to go.  You may want to brush up on your typing skills as well!  Often when your purchasing tickets, especially in big arenas, if you snag good tickets they will be put on a 5-3 minute timer for you to actually purchase those tickets before they are released for someone else to snatch up!  It's not a game! You literally have to be like a vulture when buying concert tickets, especially for popular concerts! (Make sure you pay for good parking ahead of time if you can!)

2. Get in my belly!

Sorry, what I mean to say is eat before the concert!  One thing you do not want to feel is a hunger pain right before you go to a concert.  I'm not saying stuff yourself so much so that you won't be able to move, but I'm just saying make sure you're well nourished.  Concerts like Drake's Club Paradise Tour are usually high energy so you'll need to have some calories stored up to burn!

3. Be open minded

I've been to a few concerts in my life and they all have opening acts.  Drake always has opening acts at his concerts and they are usually an eclectic group of up & coming artists.  So be open minded and patient.  You may leave with love for a new artists that you aren't very familiar with.

4. Dress cute

You will be in public if you're going to a concert so dress cute, but comfy!  Be cute not skanky, meaning headbands are not to be substituted for skirts.  I cannot tell you how many vajayjays are on the verge of being out and about in the crowd when I go to concerts.  Ladies, have some respect for yourself! You do not have to be naked to get attention, if that's what your striving for.  Also, if you're going to wear heels make sure they are comfortable and you can walk in them.  You are going to be facing stairs and lots of standing at a concert so plan for it.

5.  Get hype!

The most important thing to do at any concert is to get excited and have a good time! Make sure you're going with a group of people who know how to have a good time.  There's nothing worse then going to a concert with a buzz kill.  Find your best and most fun friends and go out there and make it a night to remember!

What are some things you must do before going to a concert?

~XO Kelley

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