Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Drake's Club Paradise Tour

If you haven't seen Drake in concert, then well....I highly suggest you do!  Last night marked my second time seeing him in concert and I'd say he is quite the concert connoisseur!  I love Drake for the artist, performer, and person he is.  I live in South Carolina and the concert was held in our capital Columbia at the Colonial Life Arena.  That's usually where artists come to perform if they come to SC at all.  I have been to a few concerts in Columbia, and artists are usually sub par.  Many artists don't show the city that much love (I'm guessing because it's not one of the bigger cities like Miami, Atlanta, or L.A.).  Drake on the other hand, showed the city lots of love last night by have an AMAZING concert as he does in every city (I've seen him in Charlotte, NC as well). He even stopped by a local high school and my alma mater the University of South Carolina. I took some pictures of my evening (outfit, nails, accessories, concert, etc.) Check them out below.

What I wore:

Accessories by Me(Contact me if you'd like to purchase custom made or something similar)
Nails: Electric Charge by L.A. Colors and Greenwich Village by N.Y.C.

Black Blazer: Lauren Conrad
Top: Lauren Conrad

 Dinner at Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse:

Onion Soup

Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, Zucchini

Club Paradise Tour *Disclaimer: excitement set in and I almost forgot to get pics lol*:

Have you seen Drake in concert? Who is your favorite person to see in concert?

~XO Kelley


  1. You had me at Drake! Love his music...And great outfit - nice shout out for LC. I just did a new post on my blog and was listening to Drake...and gave you a special mention...Thank you for stopping by!


    1. LOL yes as my best friend says, if Drake even steps half way into SC I'm there! LOL. Thanks so much for mentioning me! No problem your blog is awesome!

      ~XO Kelley


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