Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Style Defined: Blazers, Bags, and Boys

This post is really just about a few of the things I love - blazers, bags, and boys! I've really developed a thing for blazers lately.  I don't know what it is, but I just love them!  I recently wore one by Lauren Conrad to Drake's Club Paradise Tour last week and I loved the look it gave me.  A blazer is an easy way to achieve a look that is sophisticated, sexy, and chic!  Want to know the best thing about blazers?  They can be paired with just about anything, from leggings, to dresses, to jeans. What's not to love?  I posted some of my favorite blazers from Zara along with a few that are good to have as closet staples.

Tux Blazer

Polka Dot Blazer

 Jacquard Pattern Blazer

Closet Staple: Blazers

Tux jacket, 80 AUD
Leopard print jacket, £35
McQ by Alexander McQueen fitted jacket, £124
DAKS checkered jacket, £170
Topshop boyfriend jacket, $130
Dolce Gabbana pinstripe jacket, £199
Floral jacket, $33

If you're going to find a blazer then you may as well go ahead and find a cute bag, or should I say clutch, to pair it with!  I was busy pinning when I came across this gorgeous Phillip Lim slouchy, oversized clutch. I love it, how about you?

Now, what's fashion without a little eye candy?  I just got word of the Trey Songz feature in the March 2012 issue of GQ and well, I was pleased to see him to say the least. Check out some of my favorite looks on Mr. Songz below.

What's your favorite? Blazers, bags, or boys?

~XO Kelley


  1. Very cute blazers. I really like the tux blazer because with a pair of heels, you are pretty much dressed from day to night. Plus, it's really versatile from work to night as well. Great post!


  2. Thank you:) You're right! That's why I love blazers the most. You can go day to night with them and they can even give you a stylish layered look!

    XO Kelley

  3. i love blazers, too! you can literally wear everything with them :) lovely and inspirational post. :) thanks for sharing with us!
    in btw lovely blog you have here :))



    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to checking out your blog as well!

      XO Kelley

  4. hahaha can I say all 3 please? :)

    Love the phillip lim slouchy bag! :)

    accidental encounters

    1. Yes ma'am b/c that surely was my answer! LOL thanks for stopping by!

      XO Kelley

  5. kelley catching up on your posts! I concur I <3 the 3Bs. I am a bag fiend the bigger the better! blazers I like and intend to infuse into my wardrobe. and Trigger is defnitely eye candy. Keep up the great work!


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