Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston: Inspiration & Icon

Just as a girl learns to love clothes and shoes from rummaging in her mothers closet, I learned and loved Whitney Houston through my mom's love for her.  I remember singing I Will Always Love You and Jesus Loves Me by Whitney to the top of my lungs every morning before school when I was in 6th grade. I sung it so loud that I would wake my dad up before he had to get up for work (he was not a happy camper lol). She is an icon and inspiration in music, fashion, and in dreams come true! Her voice and her presence were a true gift to this world, and I am so very saddened by her passing.  I am, however, very grateful to have known her as the star that she was flaws and all!  Check out some of my favorite songs by her below!  

What's your favorite song by Whitney?

~XO Kelley


  1. So many great songs to choose from! But I would have to say "Dance with Somebody", "How Will I Know" and of course "I Will Always Love You". I have so many memories attached to her music and I never judged her for what she struggled with. She is indeed an icon and will be forever loved

    1. YES! I love How Will I Know! Thanks for commenting and you're right, she'll forever be loved!


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