Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's All Fun & Blog Games!

Okay, so I am more than a little late posting this.  It's a fun blog game going around and I've been tagged 3 or more times.  The three I remember come from Rachel at, Shelby at, and Chymere at  Rachel and Chymere's were similar in rules, and Shelby's was more of a fun getting to know you game.  I have attached the rules to the first two and my own questions (per the rules) and my answers to these 3 ladies questions! Enjoy!

Let the games begin...

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them
5. Go to their blog/twitter to tell them you've tagged them

From Rachel

1. What is your middle name? Sharii
2. Do you have a tattoo(s)? Why none, none at all:)
3. What style trend are you loving this spring? I'm loving neon pants and lace this spring!
4. What was your best vacation? My best vacation was my first and every trip there after to Charleston, SC.  My second favorite would by my trip to Disney world in 9th grade.  Lots of fun times:-)
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Drake, he's mine, in my head anyway lol
6. Do you have an innie or outie? Innie baby!
7. What is your favorite number? My favorite number is 7
8. How long have you been blogging for? 3 years in May, my first blog was with my bestie
9. What is your current job? Blogging Do you like it? I LOVE it!
10. Clothing website you could spend hours looking at? I don't have a favorite, but I love mostly anything by Rachel Roy!
11. What makes you happy!? God, family, ice cream, and, good friends!

From Chymere

1. What is your biggest goal in life?  I want to inspire women all over the world to be themselves and live their dreams!

2. What makes you happy (what are you passionate about)? Helping others recognize their strengths!
3. If you were exiled to a deserted island, who would you bring as your companion?  My mom, I talk to her all day every day!
4. Where do you live (state)? South Carolina
5. Where do you wish you lived? L.A. or San Francisco, but only for a little while.  I love the south.
6. What are your favorite sports teams? Hmmm, not a sports fan really
7. What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)? Keep it rated PG, please. Ice cream and massages
8. Who is your favorite music artist? Drake, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Jojo.
9. Who performed at the last concert you went to? If you’ve never been to one, who would you like to see in concert? LOL Drake!  I love him.
10.  If you could re-live one moment of your past life, which moment would that be? Freshman year in college, fun times:-)
11. Do you follow me on twitter ^_^ @ilovemschayes ? I sure do!

Getting to know you...

From Shelby

1. Favorite Reality Show: Family Hustle, that show is so funny!
2. Favorite Non Reality TV Show: Pretty Little Liars, I'm hooked!
3. Song of the Moment: Refuge by John Legend
4. Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipgloss
5. Heels or Flats: Heels
6. Summer or Winter: SUMMER
7. Favorite Clothing Store: Forever 21 and Victoria Secrets for lounge wear
8. Favorite Home Store: Ikea
9. Must Have Makeup Item: Mascara!
10. Last Place you Traveled: Disney World in Florida
11. Where's Home: South Carolina:)
12. Coffee or Tea: Tea
13. Favorite Food: Chicken & Broccoli Casserole
14. Last Movie You Watched: Smurfs
15. Favorite Quote: "Today you are you, that is truer than true, there's no one alive that is youer than you!" ~Dr. Seuss 

My questions

1.  What is your favorite song?
2. Who is your favorite actress?
3.  Who in your family do you look up to the most and why?
4.  What makes you fabulous?
5.  Do you believe in soul mates? Why?
6.  What is your favorite childhood memory?
7.  What is your one fashion must have?
8.  What is your one beauty must have?
9.  What is your favorite thing about
10.  What is your dream job?
11.  If you won 200 million dollars, what would you do with it?

I tag...
Vonae at
Lola at
D at

Have fun!  I look forward to learning more about you all and thanks to everyone who tagged me!

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XO Kelley


  1. Fun game! It's nice to learn more about the people who write the blogs you read :)

    1. Yeah it was fun Shelby! I love learning about other bloggers:)

      XO Kelley

  2. Yay! I talk to my mom all day every day too! Literally I call her like 10 times :P You listen to JoJo!? I thought she disappeared but my cousin loves her and was playing all her newer jams for me- good stuff!

    xo Rachel

    1. LOL I'm like you Rachel, I talk to my mom at least 10 times a day lolol. I love Jojo, I can't wait until she comes back out:)

      XO Kelley

  3. cool! Funny...I'd re-live freshman year too...good times.


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