Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Faves

Happy Friday! This week came and went like the Tasmanian devil! LOL.  I had a good week and I hope you all did too.  I am headed to the beach this weekend until Monday so hopefully I'll capture some fun moments this and great scenery for you all!  Before I head off to the sun and sand though, I just wanted to thank you all for another great week here on the blog where we talked fashion, how to be glamorous, and useful blogger tips on increasing comments and interaction.  I love leaving you all with my favorites from the week and I love hearing about yours! So check out my Friday Faves below!  

Favorite Party Decor (It doesn't get more glamorous than this!)

Favorite Cheesy Pick Up Line ( It's so cheesy I love it LOL)

Favorite Breakfast (Mini German Pancakes...yes please!)

Favorite Place To Reflect (Headed to the beach this weekend!)

Favorite Beach Space (I wonder if I can make this this when we're on the beach?)

Which is your favorite? What was your favorite thing from the week?

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  1. My favorite would have to be the pancakes, Yum! The cheesy pick up line is funny too. My favorite thing from the week is the gift that I got from my work study supervisor for graduating. It was such a surprise that she cared about me, considering I was there for only a year, but it was meaningful and sweet of her.

    XO Jojo

  2. 1. Does that first picture have a sparkly chair!? LOVES IT! 2. I WISH someone would use that pick up line me! Too good haha. 3. DROOLING 4 and 5- I need to get to the beach ASAP!!!

    Have a good time!

    xo Rachel

  3. I would try that tent.. Simple yet cozzy, i think..


  4. Love your blog!!FOllowing you!!
    I'd love it if you check out mine out and tell me what you think!!

  5. Those German pancakes look delectable! And you should attempt to make that beach scene...I think that would be pretty awesome. It looks so cozie!


  6. OMG those pancakes. My mouth is seriously watering right now! My favorite from last week would have to be some metallic Essie nail polish I picked up at Target - I'm obsessed! It's kind of a cross between gold and silver, if that's possible, and I love it!

  7. I reaaly love your blog, let's follow each other. I hope to hear from you soon...
    xox South Africa


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