Thursday, May 24, 2012

How To Gain More Blog Followers

Hello my glamorous bloggettes!  Recently I've gotten some more blogger questions via email. Like I promised here in my last post addressing how to increase blog interaction, I'm going to answer them here on the blog for anyone else who may have similar questions.  I mean, part of being a fashion blogger is being a blogger right? Exactly.  So this is another age old question every blogger asks in the beginning of his or her blogger career and what has proven to have worked for me.

How do I get more blog followers?

1. Be authentic and creative.

Being who you really are, is the most important thing you could ever do for yourself. Not just for blogging purposes, but for life purposes.  It is important to be yourself because you are your own "one of a kind" flavor.  You cannot be duplicated.  Use this to your advantage by getting comfortable in your own skin.  Share with your readers and the world who you truly are.

There is a sense of clarity that comes with authentically being yourself.  With clarity often comes creative inspiration.  Get clear on who you are and creativity has a way of flowing endlessly.  

Creativity is key and content is king when it comes to catching the eye of new readers.  It is often the number one factor for someone when deciding to follow or not to follow a blog. Strive to make your blog and the content you offer a breath of fresh air to new readers so that they are more compelled to return regularly.

2. Become an expert.

If you're going to be a blogger, you need to know your stuff!  As a blogger it is your job to become an expert in whatever it is that your are passionate about and have chosen to center your blog around.  Make sure that you are an asset to your audience.  This requires research.  

The biggest little known fact about being a blogger is that not only are you a blogger, but you are a full time researcher.  The experience that you bring into blogging, coupled with your new research, should make for a nice creative blog post cocktail.

Remember, you're the expert when it comes to your blog! Now act like one!

3. Get interactive.

Social Media is your friend. Get to know it and use it to your advantage! Joining sites like Twitter, Bloglovin, Facebook, and IFB to name a few, may just be the missing factor keeping you from being exposed to and gaining more followers.  These sites not only give you exposure, but they allow you to interact with other bloggers as well as your readers.  

Sites like these also allow you to follow and build relationships with other bloggers so that you can keep up with your favorites. Just because you and your fellow/favorite bloggers don't live in the same city, state, country, or continent doest not mean you cannot interact.  Use these sites to keep up with posts on other blogs so that you can comment, share other blogger's links with your followers, and promote yourself along the way as well.

4. Stay focused.

When you first start your blog at first it may seem like you will never get any followers. Don't let this discourage you.  Stay focused on keeping your voice consistent and building your brand. This will allow you to establish a solid foundation and a loyal audience. 

Don't worry about the other bloggers around you, you can't compare yourself to them.  Your blogging path is your own.  If you worry too much about other bloggers and how successful they are you may be swayed to do something that does not truly reflect you or your blog. Being unstable in what you believe in and what you blog about to gain success will lead you down a road to nowhere.  

If you started blogging for the sole purpose of gaining followers, you are in it for the wrong reason.  Blogging like any other job requires passion and hard work to be successful.  Getting into it for superficial reasons will only bring superficial results.  

5. Be patient.

The saying "if you build it, they will come," is somewhat true.  It's just that the "they will come" part usually varies drastically.  

It usually takes years to "blow up" or "make it."  It's just that no one but the actual blogger behind the blog ever sees the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, break downs, and failures (yes it's that serious) that come along with becoming successful.  

Your favorite bloggers weren't the big superstars that they are now right out of the gate.  It took them time to establish themselves.  They ran into roadblocks and frustrations just like you, so just be patient.  If you really want to be successful your time will come.

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I hope you find these tips useful. If you have any blog related questions send me an email and I'll try my best to post the answer for you here.  

What tips would you share about gaining more followers?

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Until next time Glams...Keep Sitting Pretty


  1. My tips would be essentially the same. I think it's important to support other bloggers through community and commenting. I've found that many bloggers sites I visit and comment on do not reciprocate. However, I am thankful to my loyal readers. I also think remaining humble is key. Your blog is only as good as your readers and authenticity is key. I have found Twitter/Facebook to be helpful. We're on Bloglovin and Pinterest now so we'll see about those two!

  2. Thanks for these! I think my problem may just be consistency but I'm working at it for the sole fact that I love doing it, but yea these tips were great!

  3. great post and tips!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  4. Great post! My main tip is to just really interact in the blogging community. It gets your name out there and helps to build relationships!


  5. Interaction is key. I also think there is a think line between promoting and being genuine in your interactions. We all know those people who only tweet their links and never interact. I am more concerned with gaining meaningful interactions. If they read great. I just like meeting new people. If they choose to read my blog that's great but that is never my intent.

  6. I definitely agree with Mimi! I don't track my blog followers, but I know that also visiting their sites is a helpful way to connect. It is a two way street. ;)

  7. This is fabulous advice that I will be taking heed to! Thanks for sharing, Kelley! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your tips. I haven't been blogging very long but I think that it helps that I'm always visiting other blogs and seeking to build relationships by commenting and trying to add value through my comment when possible.


  9. I love these tips. I just started blogging a couple of days ago and I will keep these in mind. Thanks again!!

  10. Nice post! Thanks for the tip. Now I know what to do!



  11. Excellent advice and very encouraging as well. I just started blogging and these tips are very helpful on my path to becoming a good blogger.
    Love your site and I would welcome any advice you can offer on my work in progress:

    Mrs. Ritz

  12. I love these tips because it isn't about doing it quickly necessarily, but about really putting out unique, creative content. Patience is so important. Thanks for writing.

  13. Thanks for this! Just got in the game and I appreciate the advice



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