Monday, June 18, 2012

Kelley's Linkspiration

Happy Monday Glams! Today's post comes to you via Courtne of  Queen  The inspiration behind this post comes from a post she did a few weeks ago called Shmink's Linkspiration.  In her post, Courtne shared some blogs she loves that inspire her and I figured I'd do the same! There can never be too much love int eh blogosphere right? So first up is...

I've loved Lauren ever since she was on The Hills. Her style is amazing and her life story (or what I've seen on tv and read) is so similar to mine (in some ways) it's scary! Lauren and her blog inspire me because she proves that style transcends fashion and is about how you live your life. She shows that real style seeps throughout every area of your life!

I love these two amazingly wild women! As many of you know, they are a big part of the reason I started blogging 3 years ago.  Shannon and Andrea are not afraid to be funny and wild and they show girls everywhere that it's okay to be who you are! Between funny skits, candid reactions, and informative in-your-face info, there is no way you can resist visiting the wild side once you've visited TGAW!

I love Courtne affectionately known as Queen Shmink for two reasons: she has spunk and she has style!  Courtne's no nonsense, matter of a fact approach to fashion and personal style serve as an ode to all women reminding them to own who they are and to apologize to noone for it. Courtne's style is funky & fun with a bit of sass.  She's not afraid to be a girly girl in this male dominated world. Courtne uses fashion to take risks, and what's fashion without risks?

I love Dulce Candy because she's so freaking stylish and creative. On Dulce's site you can find everything from make up tutorials to home and style how tos!  She's a master of creativity in fashion and life in general AND she's super sweet.  How can you not be inspired by her?

I love Anna from Fash Boulevard because she has an impeccable sense of style! The way she chooses pieces, colors, and accessories she deserves a gold medal! Not only does she have style, but she's got guts and she's got dreams! Anna is a huge inspiration becasue she has used her blog to make her dreams come true! With each accomplishment, she inspires her readers to live their wildest dreams!

***All photos are from their respective site. All photos are not property of***

Have you checked out these blogs?  Who is your Linkspiration? 

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  1. I love L.C. Eversince the Laguna Beach days! I love how smart and down to earth she is and to watch her dream from high school come true is just amazing. I haven't checked out the other ones except TGAW...they're just awesome. I think you'll like and Both great street style blogs. Also,, which is the blog of a good friend of mine. Fashion plus some!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I haven't heard of some of these... but I definitely stalk Dulce's on the reg!

    xo Rachel

  3. Great inspiration! I love Lauren and Anna's blogs as well.. daily reads of mine! :)


  4. All have a amazing style!!!


  5. Fun post! Definitely checking some of these links out!

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