Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Maven: Balancing Acts

Happy Monday Glams! After my first week at work I am back and equipped with so much I want to share with you all.  If I have learned anything from my first week it is that planning and balance are the key to life.  Everything in life can't be planned.  However, when you plan the things that can be planned, you allow time for everything unplanned that will pop up in your life. Oh and believe me when I say lots of unplanned things will pop up!  One of the best ways to keep your life organized is by investing in a good planner. No time or funds to do so? No problem!  I searched the web and found some pretty cool free printable planners, agendas and calanders. Check them out below!


2012 Printable Calendar via

Blog Planner via

Daily Docket via

Peek At the Week via

Pocket Docket via

Weekly/Monthly Goals Printable via

Weekly Planners via

How do you stay organized? Do you know of any free planner printables?

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  1. I'm very, very serious when it comes to choosing a planner because it's something that I know I'll be using for the year, if not two years. So, I typically spend $15+ investing in a great planner because it keeps me super-organized and I can write any and everything down! I also decorate mines to give it a little personalize it and make it sparkle :)

    Hope your new job doesn't keep you from the blogosphere!

    xo, Drea

  2. Hi Kelley...

    I am the Queen of note to be organized, such a good feeling. And I know all too well about the surprise pop-ups! As I sit here I have my notepad in far so good! Have a great work week...


  3. I love the idea of planners. I usually am really good about it for a couple of weeks and then drop off! I need to get more organized! lol



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