Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Style Defined: Let's Get "Nauti"cal

Nautical or as I like to call it "sea chic," is a trend that is making a very strong comeback this summer! For as long as I can remember the Nautical trend has been in.  If you're not familiar with with this trend, no worries, I'll explain. Nautical is usually any clothing or accessories with white, blue stripes, and a touch of red topped off with an anchor. This is a very popular look because it looks good on just about anyone and is very reminiscent of sailors on ships.  This look is very beachy and perfect if you want to look laid back, yet chic while riding the waves, whether that be by boat, surf board, or water ski! Check out my favorite Nautical looks below...

What do you think of the Nautical trend? Would you rock it?

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  1. Hi Kelley! Just discovered you and your blog through twitter! Cute shoes, love the texture on the heel. :)

  2. Hi Kelley,

    Def would rock it! I purchased a few striped tanks and hope to share a few picks in the near future...love the pics too. I hope all is well for you...the blog is Fab! Thanks for the inspiration...as always. Hugs. Lola

  3. Yea I love it...I actually rocked it when it wasn't as popular but it's still cool to work with somedays.


  4. I love this nauty trend, I have one blazer with stripes, love it!:)
    great post.

  5. I love the nautical trend it's too cute! That first look you posted is adorbs! Obsessed!


  6. Aww cute but I'm too busy shivering to be cute or nautical I think. I'm staying as far away from the ocean as possible

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  7. OMG I'm in love with that sequin tank! Any way to glam up the nautical look is #1 in my book! Where is that skirt from? I don't think it's taking me to the right site...although I could be wrong.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower! Sharing the love:)

    Closet Fashion Fix

  8. I just did a feature on a nautical Victoria's Secret bathing suit. Check it out here! http://icfashionchic.tumblr.com/post/24016034505/ahh-the-beginnings-of-summer

    I too have been noticing the fantastic trend. Saw a girl the other day with a navy blue sheath dress with a white anchor on the bottom of the skirt. She looked so cute!



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