Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Keep Sitting Pretty Guide to the Perfect Pedi!

A guide to the perfect pedicure is something that every girl should have handy when her feet need a little tlc! Not only can the summer be rough on your skin, but it can be rough on your feet too. In the summer months we torture our toes and feet by wearing those amazing stilettos, sexy sandals, and flirty flip flops. Our feet our constantly exposed and at risk of becoming rough! Don't worry ladies, I've created a simple guide to soft smooth feet, something you should have at the end of every pedicure!

Step 1: Feet feeling a little rough? The first thing you need to do is invest in a Revelon Pedi-Expert or a ped-egg. This tool is amazing for feet and leaves them feeling silky smooth. The Revelon Pedi-Expert is used by rubbing it back and forth on rough spots on your feet with one side and smoothing your feet with the other side. This is done on dry feet.

Step 2: Now that your feet are silky smooth, keep them that way. When you get in the shower take your pumice stone with you and rub it across your feet under warm water in order to keep them smooth.

Secret tip: Use a foot exfoliater if you're not a fan of pumice stones!

Step 3: A pretty polish never hurt anyone! Pick a pretty polish and paint those pretty toes.

Secret tip: There's no use in waiting hours for your polish to dry, buy a quick drying top coat for nails that dry instantly!

Step 4: Massage Vaseline into your feet. Leaving Vaseline on your feet overnight makes them extra soft in the morning!

Secret tip: If you're not a fan of Vaseline, use your favorite body cream. Creams are thicker then lotion and they have the similar effects of Vaseline.

Step 5: Wear socks overnight! Wearing socks on your feet after massaging in Vaseline helps to seal the moisture into your feet!

Remember ladies, don't forget you tootsies! Be sure to pin this guide for safe keeping!

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How do you keep your feet soft and smooth? What color polish have been keeping your toes pretty?

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  1. Great post, I give myself one of these home pedicures once a week.

    http://purelybeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ x x x

  2. Love this list! This is how I make my salon pedicure last.

  3. I neglect my toenails sometimes.. lol.. Hey Kelley! How are you?. Are you watching the Summer Olympics?? Xo-Jewel


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