Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To Connect with Other Bloggers: Blogger BFF Guide

Are you new to blogging and want to know how to connect with other bloggers or make blog buddies and bffs

Hey Bloggettes! The blog questions keep rolling in and I actually love taking the time to answer them! I've answered a few blog questions so far including a post on how to get more blog comments so check out the Blogged tag to see more blog tips.  

Now down to the task at hand....

Blogger BFF Guide: How to Connect With Other Bloggers

Your Secret Weapons:

1. Twitter
2. Facebook

3. Email
4. Blogs

How To Use Them: 

1. Send out a tweet introducing yourself and/or share your favorite link from your favorite blog and @ the blogger

2. Like your future blog bff's Facebook page and/or share your favorite post of theirs on Facebook

3. Send and email to introducing yourself and/or suggesting a meet up at a blogger event and/or suggesting a collaboration.

4. Comment on your future bff's blogs and stop by regularly (so that you can use 1, 2, & 3) 

Special Tips:

1. Be genuine - if you want to build genuine relationships you must first be genuine. 

2. Be yourself - self explanatory, but I'll say it anyway, let your future blogging buddies fall in love with the real you!

3. Keep in touch - interaction is key to any relationship so stay in touch with your new blogging buddies and bffs!

4. Combine at least two of the techniques from the "how to."

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Have you used any of the tips in this guide? What are some other ways you've built relationships with your blogger bffs?

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  1. Great post :)
    Now following you on twitter @Hema_x

  2. Great Tips!!! :-) I've found some really cool blogger BFF's ..I love how blogging connects you to so many new people who have the same passion as you!


  3. Lovely post...I love blog community ;)


  4. How nice of you to pass on this wisdom. It's such a cool things getting to know people from all over the world because they've stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing this!


  5. Fun post! I definitely enjoy all your blogger tips!


  6. Another great post! Always find inspiration on your blog :D

    xo Rachel

  7. great tips!!! I'll definitely be referring to this guide more often!

    ~C @

  8. really nice post!

    Here you have a new follower from Spain!

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