Monday, July 16, 2012

Style Defined: Bring those Sling Backs

Although we are still enjoying the summer 2012 fashion trends, fall 2012 fashion trends are slowly but surely creeping onto store racks. The good thing about summer and fall is that they both involve warm weather which means many summer pieces can be used to transition into fall. One shoe I am loving for both summer and fall is the sling back! The sling back is characterized by a open back shoe with a strap on the back that hugs the heel. The sling back is such a classic and sexy shoe, you can pair them with just about anything to instantly dress up a look.  Check out my favorite sling backs below!

Do you love sling backs? Which is your favorite pair? 

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  1. Loving your picks! The second pair are amazing!


  2. I am dying for a pair of YSL tribtoo sling backs!!! They are such a hot shoe!

    xo Rachel

    (PS this is the FIRST comment i've left anyone in about 3 weeks because my blogger won't let me leave comments! I'm in a different browser now though, and it seems to work for some blogs now!)


    1. Aww yay I feel kind of special Rachel;-) lol and YES! Those YSL sling backs are so fab!

  3. The 1st and last pair are giving me life. lol I need to start wearing heels more. I buy them and they just sit in the closet until special occasions.

    1. LOL! I used to have that problem too, but then I just started wearing heels for the heck of it sometimes!


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