Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Style Defined: Lush Loungewear {PINK by Victoria's Secret}

Who said fashion can't be comfortable? This week is all about rest and relaxation and so I thought I'd cover the fashionable side of comfortable clothing...lush loungewear!  When I think of lush loungewear one of my favorite lines comes to mind,  PINK by Victoria's Secret.  If I'm relaxing and lounging around my home, it doesn't mean that I don' t still want to be cute, because ummm yeah I do! The best thing about PINK is you can lay around in it all day, and then run out to grab a pizza, some dvds, and ice cream and still look stylish.  Check out some of my favorite PINK looks below!

All photos courtesy of Victoria's Secret

My Favorite PINK Wear

Which is your favorite look? What do you wear when you want to be stylish and laid back?

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  1. Pink is one of the busiest stores in the mall by my house.

    1. They must be of they have their own store! PINK doesn't have a seperate store here.

      XO Kelley

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Jewel! I am doing awesome! Super busy, but loving it! How are you?

      XO Kelley

  3. I'm obsessed with PINK! They're loungewear is too comfy and cute!



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