Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bulletproof {A Little Inspiration}

I'm always telling my best friend that nothing is new and everything is a remix.  If it's one thing I know, it's that life works in patterns. Things always have a way of coming back, kind of like karma.  If you look at fashion, you'll notice that nothing that's being done now is really new, it's just being presented in a new and unique way.  It's the same with blogging, music, and mostly everything else. That's the thing about life, if it's being done now it's been done before.

Now that we've got that out of the way. Feel free to dream and not worry about whoever else has done what it is you want to do or whoever else is doing what you want to do. The important thing is that you add your own twist to it. That's the only real way to bulletproof your dreams. Two things that no one can take from you are your  perspective and your delivery. Those are the two things that will make you and your dream stand out. Commit to your perspective, commit to your delivery, and commit to your dream no matter how many times it's been done!

3 Ways to Bulletproof Your Dreams

1. Secure Your Idea

If you're anything like me you have millions of brilliant ideas a day. This is a gift and it could be a curse if you allow it to be. Instead of trying to execute all of your ideas at once, pick the idea you are the most passionate about. Secure that idea by exploring it and developing it until it's ready to be shared.

2. Commit to Your Perspective

It is very likely that your dream is being attempted by millions, but no one has your perspective. Your perspective is uniquely yours! Your perspective is how you view things and most importantly, your voice. Find your voice, because that is going to be how people connect with you and your dream.

3. Commit to Your Delivery

Once you've shaped your idea and found your voice, focus on how, when, and to whom you will deliver your dream.  The way you deliver is really important because you want to target the right people and you want to deliver it at the most effective time. The more creative your delivery, the more it will stand out and the more people will be interested.  

How did you make your dream bulletproof?


  1. This is inspirational and a great reminder. I especially like #2. So what if Oprah is doing it, no one has heard YOU do it. And Oprah doesn't resonate with everyone!

  2. This is awesome! I think my favorite one is number 2 as well. The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about my dream and we came to the same conclusion; that even if what you want to do is being done by many, it won't be quite like how you do it...especially if it's something you're called to do!!


  3. I'm just here first, I like your blog so much, so I'm now your newest follower!
    Do you want to follow each other?
    Have a nice day!

  4. Hey Kelly, great post.
    I was wondering which layout/html code do you use on your blog?
    Like you have your main page which has a picture, a bit of the posts introduction - what's the html or layout on blogger for it?



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