Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Transition Your Summer Pieces to Fall {Style Defined}

Do you know that even if you don't go shopping again this year you can still look fabulous by simply transitioning your Summer pieces to Fall? The more I fall in love with fashion, the more of a minimalist I become and the less I find myself at the mall. Although I love shopping, my personal style has developed to the point that I know how to make one piece transition throughout the seasons and my shopping trips are much more about timeless pieces and a few stand out pieces that are sure to turn heads.  I'm going to show you below how to stylishly make it from summer to fall by pairing four summer pieces with other items you probably already own!

Item: The Dress 

The Dress: Summer to Fall

What to pair it with: A Blazer & Boots

Pairing a blazer with your summer dresses will give you instant style and a look of sophistication. Pair these with some cute booties and you've added fun and sexiness to your look.

Item: The V Neck

What to pair with: Blazer & Scarf

Pairing a blazer and a scarf with a V Neck is a quick, but chic go to look. Try this when you're on the go!

Item: Tank 
What to pair it with: Chambray, maxi skirt, & belt.

Chambray adds a feel of comfort to your look, but it's become so popular that it's actually considered chic! This is a great look for a day of shopping or a road trip.

Item: Neon pants 

What to pair it with: Sweater, Button Up, & Clutch

Jewel tones are in this Fall, so take your neons that are a little deeper in tone and pair them with sweaters and button ups for a classic preppy look! 

Which is your favorite look? 


  1. Great tips! I like adding a blazer or scarf!

  2. LOVE the green outfit with the blazer and those black boots!!

  3. hello! i like your blog! im following you on GFC and bloglovin, if you like my blog, follow me back please.



  4. these are all such great looks! i definitely will be following this guide <3

    Alexa <3

  5. You cannot go wrong with booties and a cute blazer over dresses going into the fall. I personally am cold natured and also throw on my favorite pair of opaque tights as well to keep warm and still be cute! Great tips chica. :-)

  6. Loving this! Some really cute ideas girl! Loving those black booties!


  7. I really enjoyed this post...great tips! Thanks for visiting my blog lovely, I adore yours! Lets follow each other? xx


  8. I love the way you paired the dresses and the v-necks. Blazers are my absolute favorite for fall. The neon pants have a good pair up as well and I may just try to step out and work with them to create a look. CUTE!



  9. I love this post. Great tips!

    Jasmine Marie


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