Monday, August 13, 2012

I Believe in Pink {Glam It Yourself/GIY}

I believe in you? Happy Monday Dolls!  It's not the weekend anymore, but I think I may just have something that might make the week go by a little quicker. This past weekend, I really focused on relaxing, but being the multi-tasker that I am, I found myself in the kitchen whipping up a very fun, very tasty, very pink drink!  

The fun thing about being a lifestyle and fashion blogger is finding all the places where fashion and lifestyle overlap, and this weekend they happened to overlap in the kitchen! As I was pinning my happy little life away, I came across a fun pink drink I wanted to try. The problem was I couldn't find one recipe that had the same ingredients or measurements. I basically ended up taking the four ingredients that were present in every recipe and making my own little mixture. I couldn't think of what I wanted to name my pink creation, and then one of my favorite quotes popped into my head! 

That's right, I named my drink "I Believe in Pink," inspired by the ever so lovely and stylish fashion icon Ms. Audrey Hepburn.  I'll show you how to make it below.

"I Believe in Pink" Drink

What you'll need:

1 Can Frozen Pink Lemonade

1 1/4 Can of Water

Raspberry Sherbet Ice cream 

2 Liter Sprite (or 2 cans)

What to Do:

❤ Add 1/2 a can of frozen pink lemonade and 1 1/4 can of water in a blender. Next add 4 scoops of Raspberry Sherbet Ice cream. Blend until mixed well.  

❤ Add sprite 1 -2 cans of Sprite to taste. Blend until mixed well.

❤ Optional: Add sprite once you pour into individual glass and stir.

❤ Enjoy!

What fun drinks do you like to make? Does this sound like a drink you'd like to try?

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  1. That's one of my fave Audrey quotes!



  2. oooohhh I want to try!

    I love making smoothies and different "adult" mixes. I found this book of party drinks that has so many recipes that I haven't gotten my hands on but I'll definitely be trying this one!


  3. I plan to try this one Kelly...Sounds yummy!

  4. THis looks great! Thanks for sharing. I have to force myself to relax around the house too.


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