Thursday, August 9, 2012

Schoolin Life {Keep Sitting Pretty Rule No. 2}

Happy Thursday Dolls! It's almost time for the weekend and then we can party and bull....well you know the rest. Today's wisdom and inspiration is simply to get up and live your life. Living means your life has action. If you're stuck in a rut, get up and move. If there's a dream that you want to live out, get out there and work on it. Sitting still and doing nothing will get you just that...nothing. So if you want to live a passionate, exciting, and inspired life, get active. Do something, do anything - and before you know it you'll see yourself doing, seeing, and creating things you could never imagine.

I'll be creating more fun "art" for you all so enjoy and feel free to pin, share on tumblr, Facebook, twitter or wherever you'd like! 

Remember, you have to act to create.

How do you find inspiration. What inspires your creative process?

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  1. I really needed that! I have one dream in particular that Im ready work on but Im in a rut figuring out how to start it. Since I don't know how to it Ive been doing nothing! That post has me up and ready to start back on my dream! Thanks

  2. I love it and ironically really needed this "short & sweet" post at this time in my life. I'm inspired by many things...watching my younder family members grow up and wanting to be a positive role model for them...swimming...bright colors...beautiful name a few. And this blog!!


  3. I'm reading this post at the exact moment I want to take a nap.... and now I will feel bad if I do! Inspiration for me definitely comes from getting out and experiencing life and helping others. Maybe I can take a nap and dream of inspiration?



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