Wednesday, September 12, 2012

30 Things to Do (Eat, and Wear) Before Summer Ends

Summer, summer, summer time......

Summer was TRULY good to me this year! I'm a little sad to know it's almost over, but I must say I am soooo excited about Fall! I've made it my personal mission to really enjoy the summer time that we have left. I have a few trips, festivals, and outside activities planned to end the summer with a bang! The warm weather is on it's way out so enjoy it while you can by trying some of these things.....

❤❤ Road trip!
❤ Go to an ice cream parlor (and get two scoops!)
❤ Try a macaroon 
❤ Eat outside at your Fave restaurant 
❤ Go to the beach!
❤ Visit an amusement park or outdoor attraction
❤ Make a friendship bracelet for your BFF
❤ Go wine tasting
❤ Splurge on your favorite summer beauty product
❤ Create your own cocktail
❤ Add an umbrella to your drink
❤ Blast your music with the windows down
❤ Wear a backless shirt
❤ Rock some lace shorts
❤ Rock a front bun
❤ Max and relax in a maxi dress
❤ Practice yoga (on the beach)
❤ Meditate outside
❤❤ Set Fall goals
❤ Go shopping (summer sales and fall previews!)
❤ Go on a picnic 
❤ Rock a chain necklace
❤ Go apple picking 
❤ Grill out with friends
❤ Wear a Romper
❤ Wear a sun hat 
❤❤ Rock your favorite blogger's T-Shirt
❤ Sashay in Chambray
❤❤ Link up with your favorite bloggers at a meet up
❤❤ Use Bokeh (because who doesn't look good in sparkling lights?)

❤❤ = Blogger approved


  1. Fun list! Definitely need to make one of these babies for me! Lots of things I haven't done or worn yet! lol


  2. All fabulous ideas!!!! Love this list! Thanks for making me realize summer is not over yet!



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