Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to Rock It: Loafers

Fall is here and let me tell you there's no better time to have fun with fashion! One of my favorite fashion obsessions is loafers. Loafers are such a fun and interchangeable shoe, what's not to love? Right now stores everywhere are breaking out their best loafers so the selection is wide and ready for your picking! Below I've created a  "loafer" quick guide to help guide you through the madness. 

3 Types of Loafers


Royal Blue


Animal Print

Polka Dots



How to Rock it: Pair your loafers with jeans & a cardigan for a casual look,  or a sweater & a skirt for a day out with the girls. 

Jeans : Source
Cardigan: Source
Skirt: Source
Sweater: Source

Colors that are in: Jewel Tones!

Fun Fashion tip: Add studs, spray paint the soles, or add ribbon to your loafers to create your own unique look.

Try these tips and you're sure to have a fun and fashionable fall!

What's your favorite way to rock loafers?


  1. I love loafers, especially jewel toned ones. I got the cutest teal loafers.. so cute, can't wait to wear them.. Xo-jewel

  2. I'm not a big loafers fan but I actually like the polka dot ones! I'd have to see them on .

    Blogger meet up:: (pass it along to your blogger girls)

  3. Awesome! I love your picks.. especially the cheetaahsss! I've been working in a school and my feet are an absolute WRECK! I need some comfy shoes asap to stand in all day!

    xo Rachel

  4. I just purchased a pair of the Cheetah print loafer and I LOOOOVVE them! They go with practically everything! Nice post!


  5. Super cute picks! Love the velvet loafers!



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