Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Small Doses

Too much of anything is bad for you, but not in small doses...

I have a secret agenda with my blog. Want to know what it is? I want to spread gratitude and positivity and bring awareness to life's many magical moments and miracles. I feel like everything I just described to you is so faux pas. People immediately get afraid or weirded out when someone speaks about anything positive. I mean, since when did we become allergic to good things? 

I do agree that lately the whole subject of positive energy and all the like has gotten a little hocus pocus, but I've learned to take what's useful to me and apply it to my life in the way that best suits me. To my surprise, it's worked!  Life is filled with magical moments and once I started to open my eyes to this and express gratitude for the little things, my life became more beautiful. 

My life improves so much daily when I allow myself to expereince simple joys and remember that life itself is truly a miracle. More and more I discover that my passion and purpose in life is to inspire others to have a beautiful life too, a life filled with simple joys and lived as though everything is a miracle with many more magical moments waiting to happen.

Hopefully by visiting my blog I'll inspire you to begin to notice the miracles and magical moments happening around you with every second that passes by. I hope that I'll inspire you to expect them, experience them, and celebrate them! I'll give them to you in small doses, kind of like life does. 

Maybe it'll be a beautiful coat I feature that brings a smile to your face.

Photo of Dita Von Teese by: Gabor Ekecs 

Maybe it'll be the perfect quote to brighten your bad day. 

Maybe it'll be a fab DIY to get your creative juices flowing. 

MelissaChanel clutch adapted from HonetlyWTF

Maybe it'll be the perfect nail color that will complete your date night look. 

Miss Fancy Pants Essie Fall 2012

Whatever it is I hope that with each post you're able to take with  you a little magic that can help you have a more beautiful life!

Do you take the time to experience the magical moments happening in your life?


  1. you have a lovely blog...if you want we can follow each other!!!!!!!

    fluo giveaway on our blog

  2. Such a great post! Loving that DIY clutch! Need to make one!


  3. Kelley! another inspiring post. I have been wanting to make DIY necklace from pinterest. Wish there was a way we could create a vision board together.. I think you would be great at Thanks for the comment on my blog. much appreciated.. Xo-Jewel

  4. Great that nail color!

  5. You have a beautiful blog and I definitely agree with your message. Sometimes it does get hard to be positive.


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