Monday, October 1, 2012

A Girl Needs Her Affirmations

Hey Dolls! We've made it to a new month and another Monday, get excited! I've been getting requests to start making affirmations again and I couldn't think of a better way to start off the month. On my old blog and twitter, I would post affirmations and share them daily. Instead of posting them here on the blog daily, I will post them once a month and stream them on my twitter account weekly (weekdays). Affirmations are basically positive statements that you affirm (state a fact) to yourself.  Affirmations are helpful when you want to create a positive mindset and get yourself motivated. They work best when you repeat them aloud daily and often more than once. Give it a try and let me know how they help you. Feel free to share them with whomever you please and on twitter.


I AM Affirmations

❤ I AM beautiful. ❤ I AM creative. ❤ I AM courageous 
❤ I AM amazing. ❤ I AM strong. ❤ I AM divine. 
❤ I AM living a beautiful life. ❤ I AM living a blessed life.
❤ I AM blessed. ❤ I AM favored. ❤ I AM inspired. 
❤ I AM successful. ❤ I AM a conqueror. ❤ I AM a creator.
❤ I AM living my life on purpose. ❤ I AM living my dreams. 
❤ I AM at peace. ❤ I AM joyful. 
❤ I AM living a life of abundance. 
❤ I AM a force to be reckoned with. ❤ I AM one of a kind. 
❤ I AM irreplaceable. ❤ I AM at complete peace in this moment. 
❤ I AM myself unapologetically.
❤ I AM safe in this moment and always. 
❤ I AM one with my creator. ❤ I AM living my best life.
❤ I AM in love with who I am. ❤ I AM filled with gratitude. 
❤ I AM surrounded by light and love.
❤ I AM victorious. ❤ I AM my only competition. 
❤ I AM fabulous. ❤ I AM my best self now.
❤ I AM fierce. ❤ I AM more than enough. ❤ I AM my dream. 
❤ I AM love. ❤ I AM free. ❤ I AM determined.
❤ I AM fully equipped and capable. ❤  I AM worthy. 
❤ I AM wonderful. ❤ I AM perfectly imperfect. 
❤ I AM who I surround myself with. ❤ I AM important. 

Create your own affirmations by filling in the blanks below.

❤ I AM ______
❤ I AM worthy of _______
❤ I AM thankful for _______

Tip - Say each affirmation and meditate on it for 1-2 mins. Choose 1 - 3 daily.

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  1. Love seeing your affirmations on twitter girl! Love your positivity!


  2. this is so me! louise hay has some of the best affirmations :)

  3. very inspiring

  4. I absolutely love affirmations! I have positive statements and affirmations listed in several places in my office and at home.


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