Monday, October 29, 2012

An iPhone Lifestyle Story

A nice relaxing weekend is the perfect prelude to a crazy busy week. This weekend I decided to take it easy because I have such a hectic schedule this week. After relaxing and updating the blog and my social media accounts, I ended up wandering out to the new Whole Foods Market they just built in my community. It was built in perfect timing because I have been taking small steps recently to totally committing to a healthy lifestyle, not just mentally, but physically as well. 

I had never been to a whole foods market and to my surprise when I pulled up it looked like I had just arrived to the latest night club! It was packed! I thought to myself, there can't be anything that great in this store. Again, to my surprise I was very wrong! This store had so much yummy fresh food and flowers and at such a reasonable price! Check out a few pics below.

Of course I was drawn to the yummy cakes and pastries...nom nom!

It's Gelato!

Trail Mix "Mix It Yourself" Bar

Lots of fresh fruits and pretty flowers!

I found and purchased some Bamboo! I've been wanting some for my apartment since I moved in.

As for my outfit, I kept it very cute and fall like.

How was your weekend? What did you do to relax and have fun?

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  1. I love Whole Foods, wish there was one closer to me! :( Your outfit is super the cardi!


  2. Those cakes & pastries look really good! Nice outfit--it's fall ready!
    I enjoyed a relaxing weekend, I took my daughter to a pumpkin carving party :)


  3. Cute look! Loving your sweater and boots! I love Whole Foods! Everything is so fresh and usually super delicious! The Flagship Store is in downtown Austin! I love love love it! lol


  4. Totally relaxing weekends! You look darling, by the way. Love the sweater and the boots together! I have never been to Whole Foods...I need to go! We have one pretty close!

  5. The cakes look amazing! Love your look, great pictures!
    xo Jo


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