Friday, October 12, 2012

Glam It Yourself: Safety Pin Bracelet

Hey Dolls! It's Friday, which means we've made it to the weekend! I've been beyond busy with work and with finalizing some changes for the blog. I decided to take a breather and just get creative. I came across this super cute DIY on Pinterest a few days ago and thought I'd give it a shot. 

This bracelet is so fab and so easy to create I wanted to share it because you can never have too many pieces of unique arm candy. Check out the quick tutorial below.

What you'll need:

❤ Seed Beads
❤ Safety Pins
❤ Elastic Stretch Cord

Now Let's Get to Business...

❤ Step 1: Once you've chosen your colors, place the seed beads on the safety pins and separate them in piles. Expect to use around 75-100.

Note - Make sure your seed beads will fit onto the safety pins

❤ Step 2: Cut two pieces of elastic cord around 10-12 inches.

❤ Step 3: Place safety pin on both strings with one string going through the top whole and one going through the bottom.  Make sure to alternate each pin.

Note - Make sure each pin is facing forward (seed beads facing front)

❤ Step 4: Tie off each end once you have finished.

Viola! Be sure to play around with colors and patterns. Don't feel like making one? No worries, these may just appear in my store! Oh, and no worries, when I do reopen, you'll be the first to know! Have a great weekend Loves and tweet me or IG me pics (@justsitpretty) of your bracelets!


  1. Hey Kelley!

    It's been a while, I know. Great post and love the idea and make give it a try. I hope things are well for you...I'm still out here and can say I miss the blogging world. Life is still hectic and hope one day to come back...and when I do, you'll be sure to know.
    Have a great weekend.



  2. Beautiful post!

    Kisses and Good week!!

  3. Kelley, I love your bracelet and all but your nails are glorious. What is the name of the polish?



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