Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Affirmations

Happy Hump Day Love Bugs! November is almost here, so I thought I'd share with you some affirmations for the month before it starts. Now you'll be able to greet the month with loads of positivity. A majority of these affirmations I originally created for my old blog, so they're oldies but goodies! I also created some new gratitude affirmations in honor of Thanksgiving! Check them out and share them if you like. Also, print them out and express them daily! 

November Affirmations
❤ I do things that make me happy.

❤ I smile and marvel at the simple things.

❤ I am comfortable and proud of the skin I'm in.

❤ I experience joy with every new moment.

❤ I choose to live my life in light.

❤ I celebrate life every chance I get.

❤ I cherish my life for the gift that it is. I rejoice for every new breath I take.

❤ I release worry and enjoy each present moment.

❤ I greet each day with new hope and stronger faith.

❤ Life is unfolding as it should for my good.

❤ I see only good ahead of me.

❤ I give endless love and in return I receive it tenfold.

❤ I give off an energy that is positive and irresistible. 

❤ My life is amazing, I am creating a wonderful legacy. 

❤ The beauty within me also surrounds me. 

❤ I am continuously climbing to new heights and experiencing great things.

❤ I let go so that everything I need may flow to me freely.

❤ I add every lesson learned to my foundation of wisdom.

❤ With each phase of life I am more blessed and covered in grace.

❤ I am divinely guided down the best paths.

❤ I release any thought or feeling that does not benefit myself or others.

❤ I transcend any obstacles intended as barriers to my divine 


❤ I am thankful for favor and blessings

❤ I am thankful for life and every breathe I take

❤ I am thankful for the love I am able to give and receive

❤ I am thankful for opportunities old and new.

❤I am thankful for new paths and purpose.

❤ I am thankful for everyone in my life

❤ I am thankful for the simple pleasures in life

❤ I am thankful for growth.

❤ I am thankful for all that I have.

❤ I am thankful for wonderful things to come.

❤ I live in love and gratitude.

❤ I give gratitude effortlessly.


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  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing these affirmations! I have a Three Month Reset going on in my blog and funny enough, our project for next year IS to create a list of affirmations! This is definitely helpful! Thanks again, and great hair & blog ;].

    Kimberly of

  3. Great affirmations! Loving your positivity!



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