Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 Lesson's "Scandal" Taught Us About Living a Beautiful Life

1. Life is all about perception.

If you've seen the show "Scandal" then by now you know that Olivia and her team can clean up ANY mess. They are in tune with the public,  know what people want to see, and they provide it!. They are masters of illusion! What can we learn from this? That life is all about how we perceive or "see" it.  If you want to have a beautiful rock star life then you must first see yourself living that life. You'll know it's working when your actions begin to match your vision and you begin to be perceived in the way you wish to be!

2. Loyalty is vintage.

This is one of my favorite quotes coined by blogger B. Carter and it definitely holds true for Scandal. Most of the scandals that occur on the show and in real life, come directly from a lack of loyalty. Olivia and her team remain loyal to each other, but know all too well that the type of loyalty they have towards each other is rare. Take away? Create genuine relationships, foster them, and remain loyal in them. 

3. Always Look the Part

The saying if you look good you'll feel good and if you look good, well, you can play the part! Even in the face of a potential lose, Olivia and her team not only keep on their game faces, but they dress the part! Olivia and her team do not put style on the back burner! They use it to their advantage. What does this teach us about living a beautiful life?...That how you present yourself to the world matters! If you want the world to take you a certain way, then dress the part!

4. Trust Your Gut.

Olivia relies on her gut to decide on which clients her firm will take on and she uses it when the stakes are high to take the big risks that are necessary to win and get the job done. Olivia relies on her intuition to guide her and it never fails! The take away? Practice using your intuition and let it guide you! Trust your gut, it's usually always right!

5. Fight to Win.

Confidence is everything and faith is even more than everything! After watching Scandal, you can't help but notice that Olivia and her team fight to win. They approach each scandal that they are faced with "fixing" with confidence and poise. Olivia makes sure that her team stays positive and focuses on the end result! What's the lesson to be learned here? You produce what you think about! If you think you're going to win, then you will. If you think you're going to lose, then you will. Live your life focusing on the positive. Envision victory, believe it, and it will be yours!

Remember Loves....Keep Sitting Pretty.

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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Scandal! I can't wait to tune in tonight and see what the gang is cleaning up or concealing.

    I love each of these lessons, Kellz. I think the main thing I have gathered from Scandal, however, is that life is all about perception. It's so crazy how things may appear (on the show and in real life) in contrast to all of the behind the scenes clean-up that takes place.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you Miss Dre and you're definitely right! Scandal definitely shows that life is ALL about perception!

  2. Love this show! This summer I talked about doing a post about things we can all learn from Olivia Pope but this definitely hit it right on the nail. Her character is crafted so well and I am so ready for cable to come tomorrow so I can be in the loop again!!!

    Chymere Anais

    1. Me too Chymere, I'm literally glued to the tv when it comes on!

  3. I've heard so much about this show. I have yet to get on it.. ps. have you seen my new blog? Now that I am about done with school, I'm finally taking my blog in the direction I've been meaning to. oh and thanks for allowing me to use your photo for my post. Xo- Jewel


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