Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50 Ways to Express Gratitude

Lets face it, when it comes to Thanksgiving we are so distracted by food that we sometimes forget gratitude. Even though the purpose of Thanksgiving is to reflect on all that we're very grateful for, we usually end up flustered, full, and focused on coming up with a Black Friday strategy. We all take things for granted sometimes, but I figured now would be the perfect time to show just how grateful we are for all that we have! Check out my list of ways we can all show a little gratitude in honor of the holidays and everyday!

50 Ways to Express Gratitude

Say thank you//  Return the favor// Send a thank you letter//  Pay it forward//  Give hugs//  Donate on behalf of the person you'd like to thank//  A prayer of thanks//  Write a poem//  Write a song//  Volunteer//  Keep a gratitude journal//  Meditate on what you're grateful for//  Look for the positive in everything//  Help make someone's dream come true//  Live life fearlessly//  Have faith//  Practice peace//  Operate from a place of love//  Be patient//  Lend a listening ear//  Be humble//  Respect yourself//  Respect others//  Say your grace before eating//  Create a gratitude box//  Gain discipline//  Forgive yourself//  Forgive someone else//  Let go of the past//  Exercise//  Eat right//  Pay attention//  Think positive//  Spread Love//  Embrace change//  Stay organized//  Educate yourself//  Share wisdom//  See the big picture//  Celebrate small accomplishments//  Be openminded//  Refrain from judging others//  Be still//  Be observant//  Exercise your rights//  Be decisive//  Keep in touch with loved ones//  Give 100% at all times//  Keep trying//  Take nothing for granted.

What are some ways you express gratitude?

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  1. Such a cute post! It's hard to forget what Thanksgiving actually stands for even though it's right there in the name! Great ideas!


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