Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blogger Box Swap: Hosted by Melissa & Kelley

Who's up for a box swap? I am so excited to finally be sharing this project with you all! Melissa (of and I have been working on this collaboration for a little while and could barely wait to share it with you all! If there's anything we have in common it's our love for fashion, beauty, and blogging! Melissa and I wanted to create a way for bloggers to connect, collaborate, and share their favorite products with each other while producing creative content! We figured what better way than to host our very own box swap. What's a box swap you ask? Well, it's when two bloggers mail each other their favorite products and create a post based on the product they receive. Want to give it a try? Check out all the deets below. Oh, and hurry! There are only 20 slots open!

Blogger Box Swap

Who can Enter? 

❤ Open to 20 bloggers (Beauty & Fashion/Style) [10 beauty bloggers & 10 fashion bloggers]

What to Do

❤ Must be following both our blogs
❤ Comment leaving your email and the word beauty or fashion as it relates to your blog
❤ You will receive an email from Melissa or myself requesting your address.
❤ You will receive an email from Melissa or myself with a pdf blogger box swap file to include in your package and the address of your swap partner.
❤ Once you receive the email, mail the package within 5-7 business days to your swap partner.
❤ Create a blog post featuring the contents of your package (the more creative the better and be sure to mention your partner!)
❤ Link to our blogs ( and  and your blogger swap partner's blog in your post.

Odds & Ends

❤ Connect with us on twitter @MelissaChanel2 & @justsitpretty
❤ Tweet us when you post your link and we'll share it on twitter!
❤ Stay in touch with your blog partner

Product Rules

❤ If the product you plan to send is used, it must be at least 3/4 or more of the product for the blogger to sample. Must be neatly packaged and clean.
❤ If products are new don't let it exceed over 10 bucks
❤ Let the blogger you swap with know where each item came from (Just in case readers want to purchase.).

Serious inquiries ONLY.

Feel free to spread the word and post the flyer above on your blog, twitter, or instagram!

Find us on....

Twitter: Melissa & Kelley
Instagram: Melissa & Kelley
Blogs: Melissa & Kelley


  1. I am in! I haven't done a swap in forever! My blog is beauty, email:

  2. Wonderful idea!!! I am a new and some beauty. Email:

  3. I would love to join in on the fun! My blog is beauty. Email: missdre910(at)


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