Monday, December 31, 2012

Glam It Yourself: New Year's Eve Party Clutch

New Year's Eve is finally here and I am so excited! I'm going to a party tonight and wanted a cute clutch to take along for the fun. I didn't need anything big so I went on a search for a small black clutch. I was not able to find one so I decided to create one myself. It turned out super cute and I wanted to share the cute and quick party clutch DIY with you! Here's what you do!

What You'll Need

Sunglasses Case (From Target)

 Gems (From Hobby Lobby or any craft store)

Knobs (From Michael's or most craft stores)

 Glue (From Michael's or any craft store)

What to Do

Decide on a design

Drill a hole on the top front side of the case
(that's my bf helping me out!)

Remove the screw from the bottom the knob and screw it into the knob from the inside of the case.

 Glue your gems in place & let dry!

Rock your new Party Clutch!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. This project was inspired by my good friend Melissa from who adapted this transparent clutch from the fab master DIYer Erica of

If you try this DIY please send pics to Comment below and let's get the conversation going! 

What do you think of this clutch? Would you rock it?

1 comment:

  1. Super cute and fun idea!!! Have a fabulous new years!


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