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How to Throw a Pinterest Party

With Christmas right around the corner, holiday parties are at an all time high and Pinterest parties are no exception! This past weekend, I went to my first Pinterest Party! Let me tell you, I had a BALL! I had been looking forward to this party all week and it was no disappointment. In fact, it was so fun I kept forgetting to take pictures! I guess  you can say I love Pinterest and DIYing. I have to say this party was a real learning experience and I've coming bearing tips on how to throw your very own Pinterest Party. 

How to Throw Your Own Pinterest Party

If you're the host....

1. Make the Party Exclusive

If you've decided to host a Pinterest Party, be sure to make it exclusive. Inviting too many people will make it hard for everyone to participate (See if you're a guest rule number 2). Invite two of your closest friends and two friends you'd like to get to know better. This will mix it up and provide networking opportunities while still making it fun and comfortable.

2. Send Invites

Once you've narrowed down your list of who you plan to invite send out evites or mail out hand written invites. Let them know that this will be a fun event and specify any details you'd like them to know before coming to the party.

3. Prepare Your Fave Pinterest Recipes

All great hosts provide refreshments! In true Pinterest Party fashion, prepare those recipes from Pinterest you've been wanting to try! 

4. Create a Private Pinterest Party Board

To give your guests an idea of what crafts will be made, make a board and invite those you invited to the party to pin on the board. This board should be private and only for those coming to the party. This way everyone can share pins that they are thinking of trying at the party.

If you're the guest...

1. Pick Your Top 3 Favorite Pinterest DIYs

If you're a guest make sure to pick which DIYs you want to make at the Pinterest party. More than 2-3 DIYs will be too many to try and conquer at just one party.

2. Bring Enough Supplies for Everyone to Make.

To make the party more fun and interactive make sure to pick up supplies for each person at the party for at least 1-2 DIYs you'd like everyone to try.

3. Do a Dry Run.

Before attending the Pinterest Party, practice the DIYs you plan to share with everyone so that you can clear up any issues and teach the DIY effortlessly.

An Alternative...

If you're not into bringing supplies for everyone. Pick your top 3 DIYs and the supplies necessary to make them, but be sure to bring a special treat (i.e. food, or a special accessory) for everyone.

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Have you ever been to a Pinterest Party? What DIYs would you try?

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  1. Super cute! Sounds like such a fun party!! Definitely want to go to one!



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