Monday, April 30, 2012

Summertime Fine

Hey Glams! It's the last Monday in April which means we are right around the corner from summer!  We all love summer and everyone I know is making preparations for vacations, road trips, and fun.  Beauty is on my mind and before summer gets here I thought this would be the perfect time for us all to get summertime fine (a phrase dubbed by rapper J. Cole).

So today I'm going to share my "Summertime Fine Formula" with you all!  I'm always discussing beauty here on the blog whether that be inner or outer beauty.  Sometimes our beauty shines best when our inner and outer beauty are combined and working together.  That's why I created this formula, because it's what works for me whether I am meeting a new business partner, making a new friend, or catching the eye of a new guy! Want to know more? Check out the formula below!

How To Get "Summertime Fine"

Beauty (Outer)

Let's face it, we all are concerned about our looks.  Unless for a special occasion, I think outer beauty should be kept simple.  The way I keep my outer beauty simple is by simply using my beauty basics.  Every girl should have what I call "beauty basics," and these are the products that you can use to enhance your natural beauty in less than 5 minutes. Mine include mascara, lipgloss, nail polish, and a yummy smelling body spray or perfume.
Summer Beauty Basics

The other part to this is knowing what your style is and embracing it.  For example, I would describe my style as feminine, flirty, and fun!  Pieces you find in my closet will reflect that.  Before summer, go out and get staple pieces that reflect your style. Pieces that you can dress up or down.  It's important to know your style so that if you get a spur of the minute call to go out and have some fun, you'll always be ready!

My style
Summertime Fine

Brains (Inner Beauty)

An intelligent lady is a beautiful lady. Intelligence is not all about being educated, that's only part of it.  The other half is about being present and living in the moment.  Keep up with current events and decide which ones are important to you.  Read some of the latest books and make time to go see some of the latest movies out.  Know about what's going on currently with your favorite causes.  Don't have any? Find some.  When you're out and about and conversations are going on you don't want to be the odd one out because you have no clue about what's going on around you. To live in the moment means to know what is actually going on around you in the moment.

Confidence (Inner Beauty meets Outer Beauty)

Being confident is probably even more attractive than being well dressed or even well made up!  Confidence happens when interesting meets authenticity, meaning when you are able to truly be you and express what is important to you and how you feel.  How you feel about yourself and what you think about yourself is how others will feel and think about you.  When you go out, make it a point to have fun and learn something new, but remember to be yourself!

Beauty + Brains + Confidence = Summertime Fine

What makes you "Summertime Fine?"  Will you be using this formula this summer?

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Faves

It's Friday! It's Friday! Cheers to the freakin weekend! It's a happy day for me, I didn't even open my computer yesterday so I guess you can say I was unplugged.  I feel a little refreshed though and I'm ready to conquer the world again. This week the blog was all about the color of the season, some hot patterns, some nail polishes that pop, and the second entry of Memoirs of a Good Girl Gone Glam even debuted!  This weekend I am going to do whatever my heart desires.  Wherever it leads me, I will follow.  Before that though, I had to share my favorite things from the week with my favorite people! Check them out below! 

Favorite Flower (Pretty Peonies)

Favorite LPD (LPD = Little Pink Dress)

Favorite LOL (Inappropriate? A tad  Funny? Very!)

Favorite Football (Yummy in my Tummy)

Favorite App (Relax Melodies: Hello beauty sleep!)

Which is your favorite? What has been your favorite thing from the week?

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Memoirs of a G4: Once A Good Girl's Gone Glam...

I am a woman with a plan. Once I decided to follow my dream and create a blog I immediately started to plan for it. I researched other blogs, asked two friends to join me and was well on my way.  We came up with the name 3-Dolls, which stood for 3 Dreams of Love, Life, and Success.  We jumped headfirst into blogging.  

It was so exciting! We immediately created a blog, Facebook page, and Twitter. In our minds we were already successful, and I think people could pick up on our confidence.  Everyone loved and supported us from day one, and in the first few months we were already covering events and doing a guest VLOG for Those Girls Are Wild.  

Things were moving fast and we loved it.  We got a chance to do an interview with J. Cole and even do fun photo-shoots for the blog.  For me it was a dream come true and a welcomed break from the "real world." Once I got a taste of my dream, I was like a teenager getting her first taste of freedom. 

I was on a new high and I didn't want to come down, so much so that I vowed not to, and I didn't. I guess it's not surprising though, because you know what they say. Once a Good Girl's Gone Glam, she's gone FOREVER!

At what point in your life did you begin to seriously pursue your dreams? Are you still passionate about your dream?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tried & True: Essie - Tart Deco & Sinful Colors - 24/7

Happy Hump Day!  It's the middle of the week and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some great products with you before you hit the malls and go on any shopping trips this weekend.  Today I thought I'd give you a product review of two of my newest and favorite nail polishes, Essie - Tart Deco and Sinful Color - 24/7.  

First up, 24/7 by Sinful Colors.  

The Pros:  The number one thing I love about this polish is that it dries so quickly.  It's hard to find polishes that dry quickly and since I am usually on the go I need that kind of polish in my life.  I also love that it looks pretty with just one coat.  Some polishes have that "barely there" look with only one coat, but if applied evenly this one is fine with one coat.  Last, but not least, I LOVE the bright color.  This polish dries to a matte finish and looks neon/barbie pink.  I love it!

The Cons:  Even though I listed this as a pro, it's also a con - it dries quickly.  This can be a pro if you didn't apply correctly the first time because you have little to no time to correct a mistake.  Also, this polish chips within a day if no top coat is used.

The Verdict:  I love it and I say it's must buy. Sure it chips easily, but it dries quick so you can touch it up quickly if you need to.  Plus, if you just add a top coat you won't have that problem. The best part is it's only $2 dollars!

Next up, Tart Deco by Essie.

The Pros:  The number one thing I love about this polish is the color!  Coral is the color of the season, and besides that it's one of my favorite colors.  I feel like this is the perfect shade of Coral and can even look like a sherbet Orange. This polish dries in about 2 minutes which is not bad compared to some other polishes I've tried. It doesn't chip very easily. The first time I tried this the polish lasted without chipping for about 3 days with no top coat.

The Cons:  This polish requires two coats.  One coat is not enough and I know for some this could be a con.  Also, this polish is about $8 and I am sure there are similar colors out there for lower prices.

The Verdict:  I actually really love this polish and I say it's a must buy! I will be on a search for a similar and lower priced polish though, because I know that $8 for polish can be a lot at times. When I find it I'll be sure to report back to you!

Happy Shopping!

What do you think about these polishes? Were my reviews helpful?

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Style Defined: Chevron Chase

I don't know about you all, but Chevron is a fashion trend that kind caught me off guard.  Lately I've been seeing it here, there and everywhere.  I have actually seen this trend, or pattern have you, before and all over the place might I add.  It's just not until now that I've been curious and smitten enough with this trend to actually research it a little.  For those of you that don't know, Chevron is just a another word for those eye catching v-shaped striped patterns you've been seeing everywhere.  I love it because it's clean, crisp, modern and chic! What's not to love?

Which one do you love? Have you ever rocked Chevron?

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