Friday, March 22, 2013

Brunch on the Blog: So Much to Celebrate

We should all feel like stars...and not just on special occasions, but everyday! This past week I truly felt like a superstar as my family and friends helped me celebrate my birthday this past Wednesday. It just reminded me of how important it is to celebrate who we are and to be celebrated by others. It just amazes me that even though there are so many people in the world we all have something special and unique to celebrate! Isn't that awesome?! The first step to celebrating who you are is to truly be yourself. Once you can truly be yourself, you'll realize you have so much to celebrate. The good news is, everyone else will want to celebrate you too! Happy Friday & cheers to the freakin weekend! I left some fun blog posts, moments of gratitude, and my latest Love It Mean It List for you to check out below. Enjoy and feel free to share your faves from the week in the comments below!

Fun Posts You Should Check Out...

Forbes has fab leadership lessons from the worlds most powerful women.
Giovanna (my birthday twin) spotted some amazing flats you have to see!
Maya made these super cute DIY Kate Spade Polka Dot Keds I'm itching to try.
Beyonce for H&M Summer 2013. Yes please!
Angela Simmons debuted a sneak peek of her new clothing line Angela by Angela Simmons. Check it out. 

Moments of Gratitude

❤An amazing birthday. ❤Countless birthday wishes. ❤A much needed massage. ❤Beautiful roses. ❤A surprise breakfast. ❤A birthday gift from my dog. ❤A week of great sleep. ❤Laughter with my bestie. ❤The best birthday card ever from my mom. ❤Sunny days. ❤Creative inspiration. ❤Good health. ❤The 20/20 Experience. 

What I'm Loving This Week...

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  1. Happy Belated Bday! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself


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