Thursday, May 9, 2013

Secrets to Successful Style Photos


So, let's talk secrets to successful style photos. The style blogging world can seem secretive, and you are not likely to survive if you're not observant! No worries though, I don't mind sharing some of the best kept blogging secrets around with you!  With that being said, have you ever noticed that some style bloggers can't seem to take a bad picture. I mean really, they seem almost perfect in EVERY picture they take.  Yeah, I've been there too, but then I started to notice that the bloggers with the best style photos all seem to have a few things in common. They all practice similar techniques and they all get amazing results with their style photos. I've narrowed a few key secrets that you need to apply in order to draw in everyone who lays eyes on your style photos. Now, let's get to the secrets!

Secret #1: Take advantage of the weather.

If you take your style photos outside you know how important the weather is. The best style photos are usually taken on bright days. You want to watch the weather where you are so that you know when the sun is shining, not too much, not to little, but just right! I live in SC, so the sun is always shining just right from around 8am up until around 11am. Also, if there is rain in the forecast for the next week, but you need to do style posts - do several in one day!

How to know when the sun is shining just right...

1. You don't have to squint in your photos.
2. You don't have a "strong" shadow.

Style Photo Tip: If you didn't quite catch the sun in it's perfect position, wear sunglasses. 

Secret #2: Have a signature "thing."

This signature "thing" I'm referring to is what people commonly refer to as the "it factor." Your "it factor" or "signature thing could be a pose. Maybe there is one type of pose you're great at that is flattering to any outfit you wear. Maybe you live in an area with beautiful scenery and always provide amazing backgrounds. It could even be that you tell stories with your style photos, but not only sharing photos of your style, but related images. What ever your "signature thing" is, get really good at it and work it! This will be the thing that makes you stand out from all the rest.

Posing Tip: Always bend your leg!

Secret #3: Don't go overboard with the photos.

Can you ever have too many photos in one post? The answer is yes! Even if you're in love with every shot you took, only pick the best ones for your post. As a rule of thumb I always choose 3 - 5 photos for my style posts. Let's think about it, if you post 10 pictures of the same outfit with the same pose (left & right are NOT different poses) you're going to bore your audience! Here are some shots you should be sure to secure and share: a full body shot, an  accessories shot, a details shot (this could include, make up, patterns, and even products). Show you're audience that you not only have style, but artistic direction!

Well there you have we're besties and I've told you my secrets, but guess what? Some secrets need to be shared! Pin this post, share it on Facebook, Tweet about it and share it on Instagram!

Do you have any secrets you think belong on this list? Leave your twitter handle in your comment below, I'd love to chat more!


  1. thanks for the tip Kelley...Nice of you! xoxo

  2. Hey Kelley! I learned at lucky FABB that the best time of day to take pics in summer is usually around 7pm. And then winter around 4 pm. Also that overcast days can be good lighting too. And when editing your photos, BRIGHT is always better! :)

  3. Fun post! Love getting insider secrets! Definitely need a go-to pose! lol


  4. Hey Kelley! Thanks for stopping by the blog.. these are really good tips you shared. I do agree with the photo overload.. it cant get a bit overwhelming. ps/ I really loved your nail polish rack. It turned out so well. xo! Jewel

  5. Such a great post! I didn't know you were from SC. I'm was born and raised in Sumter. ;)


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