Monday, June 3, 2013

A Sheer Shirt Summer

Top.: Forever21 | Jeans.: Wet Seal | Shoes.: Nine West | Watch.: Michael Kors | 
Earrings.: Beads By Aree

Happy June! I am so excited that the warm weather is here and I've decided to make June a month of excitement here on the blog and on my Instagram account. On June 1, I started the Crown Me Instagram Photo Challenge and I'd like to invite all of you to join in. Follow me on Instagram for more details. I also have some new features debuting here on the blog this month so be sure you're checking back daily because you don't want to miss it! Also, if you've been following me from the start, then you know that I have a major interest in designing jewelry and I'll have a very special announcement  regarding that soon.

Now, on to the style. This weekend the weather was finally nice enough to get back to my outfit posts and here we are. I spent the weekend at the movie theatre (I saw Now You See Me, TOTALLY appropriate for this post on sheer shirts) and craft stores. My style can be very comfortable chic sometimes, especially when I'm out and about. Lately I've been really drawn to sheer shirts. I think they are perfect for summer. I prefer to wear a little tank underneath my sheer shirts, but I've seen them worn without one as well. My collection is slowly growing and I'm sure by the end of the summer I will have a closet full of them. Sheer shirts can be dressed up or down and at the end of the day that's what is consistent abut me and my style - I love clothing that I can dressed up or down.

Sheer shirt style tip - For a night out on the town, pair your sheer top with a black tank (or bra if you're a little more daring), and a high heel!

Have you purchased any sheer shirts for the summer? How have you rocked them? 

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  1. I LOVE simple blouses like this!

    oh I love your new blog header too btw! :)


    1. Aren't the great? Thank you Amberly:-)

      XO Kelley

  2. Cute look great...I love tops like that. RoRos World

  3. I love your outfit and your hairstyle! Any chance for a hair tutorial? :)


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