Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Be Your Dream: 5 Lessons About the Beauty of Perseverance

It's time for a little midweek inspiration! Today I have a very special guest post from Ms. Jewell from and She has prepared an awesome post on how perseverance can help you to Be Your Dream. Check out her 5 lessons and leave her some love in the comments below.

Living is a lot like doing a serious split - like those super hard, extremely uncomfortable straddle ones. Sometimes life is painful, but when we push ourselves, stretching to limits we never even believed we could bear, we actually start to feel and experience something quite beautiful. That pretty little pain is called perseverance. As a young woman, dreamer, and somewhat overachiever I've learned that success, despite difficulties, is not easy and sometimes things get downright ugly.

So here's 5 lessons to find the beauty in it.

1. Know that it pays off. 
Sure it may not feel like it when you're, say, in the midst of exams or while investing your all in a new business venture, but keep going. Persevere anyways. Invest your heart and your will. The only way you'll get that good grade or attract those customers is if you keep pushing. Just continue reminding yourself that all of your hard work is not in vain - it will pay off.

2. Expect a little fear. 
Any persevering prince or princess will tell you that fear is completely natural. For instance, if you get a new job that requires you to pick up and move, then you're allowed to be a little terrified. Or if you're shaking on your wedding or graduation day, close your eyes and welcome that. Fear is something that just simply comes with the unknown. Embrace it and push through it, because joy is right around the corner.

3.Expect a little failure. 
Michael Jordan missed more than 9,000 shots in his career. He lost almost 300 games. He was trusted to take the game winning shot nearly 30 times and missed. He actually defines his success by his failure. You can too. You may fall on your face or come up short. Someone else may get the opportunity you wanted, but persevering through your shortcomings is what makes you a success.

4.Smile through the tears. 
Kim Kardashian comes to mind on this one. She cries a lot, for the entire world to see. And yet, many adore and love her still because they know eventually, despite her tears, they will see her smiling again. Whether you love or hate her, it is sheer inspiration. We can cry, but it is essential to dress in our best accessory, our smile. That should be our everyday standard. Tears or no tears.

5.Reward yourself. 
Think of cute high heels. Sometimes they hurt, but they sure are fun to buy! Rewarding yourself can be tangible, but it can also be something as simple as laying in the grass and watching the clouds. Saying and hearing 'thank you' is also a reward.The goal is to keep your faith and your positivity. You'll end up a gift to yourself and those around you.

Perseverance is my journey. It is a constant chapter in my book of dreams. There were times when I wanted to quit, when others predicted my failure. I've loved and I've lost. But I've pushed. And I've stretched. And I've split. Through it all, I can look up, close my eyes, feel so pretty and just shine. That's my source of joy, my source of goodness and my foundation for beauty - true beauty.


  1. This was a lovely post and a great reminder of the good things to come from a little struggle. It was very nice to read this amidst the stress I've been feeling at work. Thanks!


  2. I really love that you said "smile through the tears" and that you mentioned Kim. I love the Kardashians and so I follow everything they do and you are SO right about Kim. lol She cries a lot BUT she also gets so happy when she's happy and that reminds me of me. I cry easily but at the same time when I'm happy-I'm really happy....I'm sure people enjoy that. :) Or at least I hope they enjoy when I'm happy! :) Anyway, it just encourages me to keep going particularly when I feel like quitting-which seems like a lot lately. Thanks so much for this post! :)


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