Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Be Your Dream: 5 Lessons You Need to Create Your Own T-Shirt Line

Hello beautiful ladies! 
My name is Jasmine, and I blog at, where we celebrate phenomenal women every day! In April, I launched my online store. The featured products include the Love SHE T-shirts and several accessories designed by other women who are also entrepreneurs. I would like to share 5 lessons that I learned from creating my own t-shirt line.

1. Breathe life into your dreams every day.
This is the best advice I have ever received and taken to heart. The words continue to resonate with me. Every day presents new blessings and opportunities to build your dreams. (This phrase will most likely be one of the next t-shirt designs.)
2. Be your own champion.
Encourage yourself and speak life into your situation. It is important to cheer yourself on and celebrate your accomplishments, big and small. Keep a list of your accomplishments and reference them as needed. 
3. Ask for advice. 

Be willing to ask questions that may seem outlandish. The answer is within reach; we just have to ask for it. As a way to seek advice from other entrepreneurs , I created a weekly feature on my blog called DOPE Finds. Each feature includes how they got started, their plans for the future and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. 
4. Research the market.

This is very important when coming up with pricing and determining what items will sell in an online store. I would also advise having a group of people that you can consult as you develop new products. My friends are always coming with great ideas and suggestions that have not crossed my mind!

5. Be patient and persistent. 

It may be a tedious journ3y before you are able to see your vision come to life. I had the idea for a t-shirt line when I started my blog November 2011. In fact it is on my  2012 vision board, and in 2013 I was able to launch the first design.  I am truly thankful for all of the people that supported my vision and contributed in various ways. 

Most importantly believe that God has given you everything you need to make your dream your reality. It will take a lot of hard work, passion, prayer and determination; your dreams are worth it. You were created for a purpose, and that purpose is to breathe life into your dreams! 

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