Monday, June 17, 2013

Tribal Printed Pants

Am I the only one who sometimes feels like there's a soundtrack playing in the background when I wear certain outfits? Okay, good, I figured I couldn't be alone in that. Wearing this outfit made me feel like Beyonce, and I could've sworn that everywhere I went I heard Beyonce's Standing On the Sun as my very own personal soundtrack. I picked up these pants a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to wear them. I had some errands to run on Saturday, and did not feel like ironing so I grabbed these babies, paired them with a tank and some blinged out sandals and I was on my way. These pants are made out of a very thin material so they were perfect to wear on a hot day. I must say, more and more, I'm becoming a fan of the comfort & fashion combination. Have an amazing week everyone and remember to start each morning by planning a positive day!


Pants:.Forever 21 | Tank:.Wet Seal | Shoes:.Charlotte Russe | Sunnies:. Gifted | Clutch:.Gifted

 Have you picked up any tribal prints for the summer? How will you be rocking your tribal prints?

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  1. I love those pants! I think this summer I'm going to work with tribals with bold colors. My mom used to wear a lot of them in college and fortunately I can fit them! Love the clutch too.

  2. First off, I loveeeee your hair. I ended up going back to the perm, but I'm going to give the natural thing another try. As for your outfit, love the pants. I actually picked up a few tribal pieces from H&M. Well put together babe ;)


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