Monday, July 8, 2013

Dress the Part: A Day at Starbucks

Rain, rain go away! It has been raining cats and dogs here in SC for the past week and a half. The rain has pretty much had me and the rest of SC stuck indoors. On rainy days, when I'm not at home reading, I like to venture out to Starbucks to check out some good books, magazines, and my favorite signature drink -  a Caramel Macchiato (with extra caramel of course!). Starbucks has become a go to place for both stylistas and fashionistas, so today I'm helping you dress the part for a day at Starbucks. 

With the warm weather outdoors and the cool temperatures indoors a jacket or a scarf is a must! I decided to pair this tank and shorts with an animal print scarf and some super cute sandals. I've also put together a few essentials (I can't do without these) you'll need while spending the day at Starbucks! Included are: an ipad - for any last minute or spur of the moment emails, a journal -  to catch any creative idea that may hit, and a cute bag - to safely and stylish store all of your belongings! 

Starbucks Essentials

What do you typically wear for a day at Starbucks? Which of these essentials can't you do without?


  1. Cute tank

    All things J

  2. Caribou used to be my go to place for caramel lattes, not I find myself frequenting starbucks a lot more. Love the printed scarf.. Gotta have a scarf for the coffee shop, because it gets so cold in there. Have a good evening, Kelley! Xo,


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