Monday, July 1, 2013

{The Life}: Style My Party - Forth of July

Here on the blog, Mondays are all about style! Since I'm always being asked for ideas on how to style any and everything from outfits to home decor, I thought I'd try my hand at helping you all style your upcoming Forth of July parties! So today, just call me Kelley the event planner. Now I know everyone is planning some type of gathering for Independence Day, but maybe this year you want to step it up a little and add something special for an  event your friends and family won't soon forget. That's where I come in, because in 5 steps I'm talking the food, the decor, and most importantly - the "it factor!" So let's get into!

The Food - We all know that the Forth of July is a major holiday celebrated here in the US. This year switch it up a little when it comes to food. Instead of having heavy sides to accompany your grilled foods go with light mini appetizers. Pinterest is loaded with ideas for light appetizers, but I wanted to share two that I think are must haves for the fourth.  First up we have the mini blt and banana split bites. These are great appetizers because even though they're light, they are both packed with lots of flavor and they will definitely compliment just about anything you'll be cooking on the grill.

5. Bite Sized BLTs

4. Banana Split Bites

The  Decor -  Listen, I'm a girl about glitter. I think there should be glitter in some form or fashion at any and every event! Seeing as how the Forth of July is big on fireworks, simple glitter center pieces to hold flowers or utensils are the perfect touch for any event whether is is outdoors or indoors. Another fun prop that you can use as decor are these cheesy, but totally fun photo booth props. These will make for fun and quirky decor and great memorable photos.

3. Glitter Center Pieces

2. Quirky Photo Booth Props

The "It-Factor" - So you're looking for an "it factor," something that will really stand out. You don't want the usual fireworks, but you don't have any other ideas. Don't worry, I have an idea or two up my sleeves. The "It Factor" can come in the form of food, decor, or experience. This time around I thought that it could come in the form of a toast. Check out these SUPER glam ways to have a toast without the bubbly so that everyone, kids included, can join in on the fun. Here's to a great Forth of July!

1. A Special Toast! Cupcake/Fruit Martini

I hope I've given you some style inspiration for your Fourth of July Festivities. Also, I'm helping you Dress the Part for the Fourth of July so be sure to check that out!

Which is your favorite style inspiration? Is it the food, the decor, or the "it-factor" let me know in the comments below!


  1. These are some really great ideas! I love the look of those bite sized BLTs :)


  2. love those glitter centerpieces! i can never have enough glitter in my life :)

  3. I think that I am going to make mini blts! How amazing!


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