Friday, July 19, 2013

The Style Collaborative with Amberly D'Anna

It's a big day here on the blog, because not only am I kicking off a brand new feature, but I'm doing it in the state that everything's bigger, especially the style! I enlisted the help of my blogger friend Amberly, to serve as our Texas style liaison as we navigate through what's hot and what’s not in Texas. Check back each month as we visit a different location around the world. Below, get to know all about Amberly and Texas style!

The Style Collaborative with Amberly D'Anna

Kelley:  Hey Amberly, I’m so excited to have you on the blog as our Texas Style Liason. Tell me a little about your style. 

Amberly D'Anna: Hi Kelley, thanks so much for selecting me!  I consider my style to be a mix of classic, girly, and glam.  I love good jeans, stripes, and a pretty ballet flat, and some arm candy. 

Kelley:  Now let’s talk Texas style.  What part of Texas do you currently live in and what is one trend right now that’s big there?

Amberly D'Anna: I currently live in Fort Worth, which is about 30 miles west of Dallas, Texas.  Trends and style this part of North Texas is pretty relaxed, as in you can pretty much get away with jeans in any occasion.  People to love to accessorize here with statement necklaces, earrings, and get dolled up with hair and makeup.

Kelley: Do you think there is a stereotype or misconception associated with Texas style? If so, tell us a little about it?

Amberly D'Anna: People think that the “everything’s bigger in Texas” thing is literal…ALL. THE. TIME.  And also that we’re always walking around with big cowboy hats and boots, because that’s usually how Texas is portrayed on television and in movies.  There are some people that wear that or for special occasions, but people aren’t just dressing like that on the regular.

Kelley: Is there a trend that you’ll be glad to see go in Texas right now?

Amberly D'Anna: Yes!  No more leggings under dresses or as pants.  It was a trend a few years ago, I even did it…but, it’s time to move on.  Haha.

Kelley: Can you give us an example of what you would consider a “look done right” that anyone could rock in Texas?

Amberly D'Anna: We love our statement jewelry, sequins, and heels down here!  I love Jen of Blank White Frames and Merritt from The Style Scribe’s styles.  There are many Dallas and Fort Worth bloggers who’s style I admire.  These two ladies really know how to style!

Jen of Blank White Frames

Merritt of The Style Scribe

Kelley: At what stores can you find all of the fashionistas and stylistas in Texas?

Amberly D'Anna: People here in Fort Worth like the stores Nordstrom, Francesca’s Collections, Forever 21, and Charming Charlie’s.

Kelley: Are there any “can’t miss” style events in Texas? If not, what type of style events would you like to see held in the future?

Amberly D'Anna: There is the Texas Style Council event that usually happens in Austin, which is a blogger conference.  I’ve never been, but I’ve heard about and I’d like to go someday.  Other than that, there are fashion shows, trunk shows, and previews that happen a lot in the DFW area all the time.  Dallas is also the home of RewardStyle, so they host several social mixers for bloggers.  Fashion’s Night Out at Highland Park Village is an event not to miss.  Unfortunately all FNO events have been cancelled across all regions, so no event this year. 

Kelley: Now, let’s talk lifestyle and d├ęcor! What pieces for the home are trending in Texas right now? How are you incorporating them into your home?

Amberly D'Anna: A lot of people here decorate their patios for the summer.  Even though the July and August months are brutal here (hello 100+ degree temps!), people love to go out and bbq, grill, or take a dip in their pools.  Bright patio chairs, tables with umbrellas, patterned throw pillows, and tiki torch candles are usually what we adorn our patios with for the summer time.  I have a small patio so I’ve just added a bright lime green chair, potted plant, and bright flowers.

Kelley: So we’re pretty much in love with Texas style at this point. How can someone who doesn’t live in Texas add subtle hints of Texas style to their personal style?

Amberly D'Anna: To get the Texas style you’ll need a crisp pair of nice jeans, pretty sundress, gorgeous jewelry, and a nice handbag!   

I'd like to express a major thank you to our style liaison Amberly D'Anna of A Slice of Glam! Be sure to stop by her blog and say hello. You can also find Amberly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Have an AMAZING weekend!

Photo Credit: Jen of Blank White Frames
Photo Credit: Merritt of The Style Scribe
Photo Credit: Fort Worth Texas


  1. thanks so much for having me! :)

  2. Hi Kelley & Amberly,
    Great article! I loved the way that you described the 'hot' and 'not' Texas style trends and the photos brought everything to life!


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