Monday, August 12, 2013

Pink by Victoria's Secret

One of my favorite brands to wear on a lazy Saturday is Pink by Victoria's Secret. TJ (the bf) got me these Love Pink shorts in coral for my birthday. I really love Pink because it's a collection you can lounge in, be active in, or just have fun in. The main thing that draws me to Pink by Victoria's Secret is the fun colors they offer.  I especially love all of the pinks, corals, and bright blues their merchandise comes in. This Saturday was so hot it pretty much turned into a lounge day. Once it cooled off a little, TJ and I went outside for a little walk, and of course a few photos! Check out my cool yoga pose and my bubbles:-). I have to say, my absolute favorite thing about Pink by Victoria's Secret is that you can be yourself in whatever pieces you're wearing.


  1. Those shorts are too cute! And I have complete hair envy right now! :) haha.


  2. I love those kicks! Super cute!

    -Chymere Anais


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