Monday, August 19, 2013

The Style Collaborative with Trell Thomas

Happy Monday! Anyone up for a little traveling? I know I am, so this week I thought I'd take the Keep Sitting Pretty to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, New York! I checked in to Brooklyn, NY specifically to chat with this month's style liason, Trell Thomas.  Trell has impeccable style! His authenticity and love for adventure truly draw you in and leave you wanting more. If you follow him on Instagram, you'll see that he is full of life and full of style. Check out the tips and insight on style and fashion Trell shared with me, and now with you!

The Style Collaborative with Trell Thomas

Kelley: Hey Trell, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have you on the blog as not only my NY style liaison, but as my first male style liaison. Tell me a little about your style.

Trell Thomas: I like to think of my style as Simple and Classic with a modern twist. This sounds weird but here it is explained. I've never been overly flashy and was often the guy with a polo, some jeans and Sperrys on in high-school. In anything, I believe that less is inevitably more; fashion is no different. The simpler you are the more clean and polished you come across. I say Classic because I love vintage and "older" looks I have often been told that I have an old soul and am "beyond my years" so I think that it makes sense that I'm right at home searching for treasure in thrift store bends and the fact is, more often than not...I find that treasure.  The modern twist comes from me wanting to keep in touch with my youth and create my own style, this can be done by simply by "spicing it up" add a color blazer, a fashionable shoe, but accessories and colors are the best way to modernize your outfit. You can also do this by "rolling your sleeve, cuffing pants leg etc., adding a pocket square."

Kelley: Now let’s talk NY style.  What part of NY do you currently live in and what is one trend that’s big there currently?

Trell Thomas: I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and to be honest the trend is just “cool”-- funky sunglasses and black leather (shorts, skirts, and hats) are really in and if I had to explain the look it would be “effortless cool”.

Kelley: NY is such a melting pot of fashion, but do you think there is a stereotype or misconception associated with NY style? If so, tell us a little about it?

Trell Thomas: I think the stereotype is that it’s the fashion capital, and that is true but the awesome thing is that with NYC fashion, anything goes. You can literally wear whatever you want, however you want and not be judged. I think it is great because people really get to be themselves and you get to know a lot about a person by simply observing what they have on. There are less inhibitions and more freedom. That is the really cool thing about New York fashion that people don’t know. It’s really just people that have been granted the freedom to be uniquely them. 

Kelley: Is there a trend that you’ll be glad to see go in NY right now?

Trell Thomas: Ha, there is always something that I feel is a little strange but I welcome it. I think I’m going to be glad to see reflector sunglasses trend go. It was cool when I saw the first 50 people with them on, now EVERY other person is wearing reflector sunglasses and I think it is a little less cool now.

Kelley:  One thing I love about you is that your style is very authentic. Can you give us an example of what you would consider a “look done right” that anyone could rock in NY?

Trell Thomas: I love to see people in all black; it is so chic. People do it in New York A LOT and I NEVER get tired of seeing it. It’s just the subtle creativity of it that is alluring.

Kelley: At what stores can you find all of the fashionistas and stylistas in NY? 

Trell Thomas: I think it’s more of an area than a store but if you go to SoHo you are sure to find every fashionista and fashionisto (definitely made that up, I have to give the fellas some shine) under the sun. It’s also a great place to people watch and get inspiration.

Kelley: We all know that there are many “can’t miss” style events in NY, but which are your favorite? Are there any style events would you like to see held in the future?

Trell Thomas: I think Fashion Week is a “can’t miss” style event. It’s where people take it to a whole other level and I love it because I get so much inspiration there. I would really like to see more “greet and meet type style events”.

Kelley: This month on the blog you'll notice an underlying theme of pink. Can you give us ladies and the guys out there an easy tip on how to style pink in a masculine way?  

Trell Thomas: Hmm, I think with pink strategy and overall look is key. I believe that it’s really about pairing it with the right things and placement.

For instance, ladies I think it’s cool to go big on pink if the rest of your outfit is toned down i.e. pink blazer, white shirt, light blue jean shorts and some short of cool accessory (chunky gold necklace or leopard print clutch). It’s not overdone and comes across really clean.

As for the fellas, I think that it’s really heavily about strategic placement. I think you could wear a pink shirt with a blue blazer and burgundy or maroon pants. I think you could wear pink shorts with a navy and white striped shirt. The look still comes out masculine but very cool and unique at the same time and I believe when we choose bold colors like that, that is what we are looking for. Also the shade of pink is important and you want to think about that while choosing salmon pink is a yes while rose pink might not quite be what you are looking for.

Kelley: So NY is pretty much THE style mecca. How can someone who doesn’t live in NY add subtle hints of NY style to their personal style?

Trell Thomas: I think in order to capture New York style you have to stop being worried about fitting in or following trends. Do what feels right. If you want to wear something that doesn’t “go together,” wear it. If you want to cut one sleeve off of you shirt and leave the other on, do it. It’s all about your personal style and setting the trend rather than being a part of it.

I'd love to express a major thank you to our style liaison Trell Thomas of Be sure to stop by his site, check out his cause, and say hello. You can also find Trell on Instagram and Twitter.

Have an amazing week!

Photo Credit: Brooklyn, NY
Photo Credit: Kanye in Black


  1. Such a fun post! Loving his style!


  2. Absolutely love this style post! I agree that with style in NY anything goes. I love his encouragement to set the trend and not follow it and wear what makes you feel good!



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